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Birthdate:Dec 8
21-years. Student (English and Jewish Studies). Fangirl. Knitter. Loves books and watches to much TV.

(Main) Fandoms:

♥ Doctor Who ♥

♥ Criminal Minds ♥

Tatort ♥ ♥ ♥

This journal is 100% friends only and 80-90% English

It contians ranting whining and squeeing about my fandoms, university and other parts of my RL.

If you want to friend me: go ahead but unless we already know each other from a community I'd be grateful if you comment on my Friends Only entry. I get slightly freaked out by random people adding me.

If you know me in RL and want to friend my I'd appreciate it if you tell me that, too.

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♥ Derek Jacobi is Love

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♥ Tony Curtis & Roger Moore in The Persuaders are Love ♥

♥ Yarn + Kitties is a tangled mess love ♥


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